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​Serving you since 1994. All products are sadly made with no dairy or peanut products.
Plain Olde Popcorn


Why would you want this when you can get Kettle Corn in the first place. Tastes like saw dust and I wouldn't feed it to my goat. I just don't understand people.....

Small Kettle Corn

Just about he right size to feed a family of eight, but you will end up eating the whole thing yourself. 

195 Calories per 3 Cup serving
Total Servings: 30
Large Kettle Corn

The bargain you have always been waiting for, over twice the size for half the price. You will wounder why you didn't buy this in the first place. Will feed an Army maybe more.

195 Calories per 3 Cup serving
Total Servings: 70
160 Calories, 3 Cup serving
Can be ordered Large or Small as listed above

"E.M. Stanton", Alexandria July 1864

Photo By: Andrew J. Russell

Library of Congress

Steamed Sweet Corn

Literally the staple of my diet. If God didn't invent sweet corn I would have perished long ago. A delicious bi-colored cob sweetened by the grace himself to make heaven on earth. Locally grown with no preservatives, of course who needs to preservatives it when its in your belly. 

113 Calories, serving 1 ear

* Seasonal only available during growing season 

* Non- Dairy product/ dairy substitute, salt and season


Plain Olde Popcorn w/o salt and butter

No one buys this and don't fool yourself, there are better things in this world to eat. Can you even say this is real popcorn. Whatever, order it anyways, but I will deferentially judge you as a human.

90 Calories,  3 Cup serving
Can be ordered Large or Small as listed above
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