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Our family, descendants of the William Brewster of the Mayflower and patriots of the American Revolutionary War, migrated from New England to Hartland, Wisconsin in 1833. Purchasing a 140-acre homestead and a mule, the Wilson brothers Andrew Jackson and Alonzo tilled the loamy Wisconsin soils Until the late 1890's. Corn, one of the staple gains used in our dairy farm produced the principal concept of later business development.


Drafted in 1918, James Pardee Wilson returned from the Great War and started an entrepreneurship.


Mealtime is our families tradition with my grandmother always cooking and preparing food for the family and making sure you never go away hungry with tons of leftovers. My father always preached that people should receive a fair amount for a fair price and this is the reason that you receive such as enormous quantity for the amount you pay.

"E.M. Stanton", Alexandria July 1864

Photo By: Andrew J. Russell

Library of Congress

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